Monday, May 28, 2012

Bratislava was a blast. When we were driving in it did not seem so great, but I was very surprised by the city! It was a lot smaller so we didn't have to use the train to get around. Everything was in walking distance. It was fun to walk around the town. We found a coffee shop where the iced coffe was served with ice cream as the cream. It was amazing! We Also went to a food festival near the castle in the city. We tried all kinds of good food and had mango mojitos! The next day we went to the country side again and toured an old castle. It was amazing big and all of the furniture was so ornate. We also toured a pottery shop where they make and sell all different kinds of pottery. At the end of this tour we went to a wine tasting. The wines were all made in Bratislava. We had mostly sweet wines which is fine with me! This morning we went on a visit of the National Bank of Slovakia. It was interesting to learn about the countries involved in the EU and those that still have their own currency. After that we rode on the bus to Vienna. It is such a beautiful city! We did not get to explore much today, but we will tomorrow! There are several beach clubs along the rive which was interesting to see. Tomorrow we are going on a bike ride to go shopping and sight seeing. I can't wait to see all the beautiful flower gardens and beautiful buildings. We are also going to dinner in the tower along the Danube river! I am so happy to be here! I feel like there is not enough time to see and do everything we need to do. I have all of my pictures uploaded to my camera, however, my computer will not connect to the wifi here so I cannot add them to my blog. I will try to add them as soon as possible!

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