Friday, June 1, 2012

This is one of the two crepes I had in Vienna.  I definitely was not expecting that when I ordered! This one was banana chocolate.  There was a crepe, fresh bananas, banana gelato, vanilla gelato and whipped cream on it! It was so delicious.

One of the things Vienna is famous for this time of year is the flower gardens.  This particular garden was a rose garden with every color imaginable.  It was a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful buildings and cathedrals.  It was raining the day we went there, but got sunny as soon as we walked into the garden! Perfect!

After Vienna we traveled to Brno.  The city is much smaller, but has just as much character.  It still amazes me how each city can be so different.  When we got to Brno we went on a visit of IBM.  It was interesting, but some of the other companies seem much more exciting! We went to dinner at a cool restaurant that was in a cellar.  We got to see into the wine cellar with aged wines and a wine press from the 17th century!

Today we visited a castle in Brno.  We locked Tara in the dungeon and this is her peeking out! After the castle we visited a brewery and tasted the local beer! I can say I am definitely more of a wine girl!

Tomorrow we are going to a winery and on a river cruise! After that we will travel to Prague where we will be for the remainder of the trip.  Time is flying by and I will be sad when it is over! I cannot wait to see what the last week has in store!

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