Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We have been in Prague for a couple days now and all I can say is wow! The city is absolutely beautiful! I feel like I need to spend a lot more time here to really experience the city.

This is the view from Charles Bridge in Prague.  On the first day here we went on a walking tour.  The bridge was really busy and had a lot of statues on it.  We saw a lot of great architecture once again, but there is something really intriguing about Prague.  It is one of my favorite cities we have been to!

The next day we went to a business visit in the morning to ABS Jets.  It is a company that specializes in personal jets for businesses! We didn't get to see in any of them, but the pictures look exquisite! Must be nice to be able to afford a private jet.  After the business visit we drove about an hour to a concentration camp.  This cross is in the middle of the cemetery outside what used to be the camp.  The Jewish people were not exterminated in this camp, however many of them did suffer.  This camp was for prisoners of war and those awaiting transport to camps like Auschwitz.  It still makes me sick to think about the cruelty these people suffered.

For dinner last night we went for Indian food! This was my first experience having real Indian food and I love it! I had very hot curry with chicken.  It was really hot, but definitely well worth it.  My jacket even smelled like curry when we left the restaurant.

Today we went to another business visit.  First, we went to the office of the company we are traveling with.  Their company is really laid back like most of the companies here! It would be a really fun place to work because the guides get to travel all over with different groups!  After that, we met with the owner of a company called myElen.com.  It is a small micro-finance company.  He had an interesting story and showed what its like to work his way up from the bottom.  After that, we toured the Prague Castle.  It was a long tour, but very pretty.  After the tour we ate dinner at a Brazilian restaurant which was so delicious.  It was all you can eat salad bar and then the waiters bring around all kinds of meats.  I even tried chicken hearts!

Tomorrow is our last day in Prague and our last day of the trip.  We are going to a brewery and then have a farewell dinner.  I am excited that I will be meeting up with my mom and sister in London and Paris, but it will be sad when the group has to go home.  It has been such an amazing, eye opening experience for me.  This trip will be something I remember forever.  It went by really fast, but I hope I can come back sometime!

Friday, June 1, 2012

This is one of the two crepes I had in Vienna.  I definitely was not expecting that when I ordered! This one was banana chocolate.  There was a crepe, fresh bananas, banana gelato, vanilla gelato and whipped cream on it! It was so delicious.

One of the things Vienna is famous for this time of year is the flower gardens.  This particular garden was a rose garden with every color imaginable.  It was a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful buildings and cathedrals.  It was raining the day we went there, but got sunny as soon as we walked into the garden! Perfect!

After Vienna we traveled to Brno.  The city is much smaller, but has just as much character.  It still amazes me how each city can be so different.  When we got to Brno we went on a visit of IBM.  It was interesting, but some of the other companies seem much more exciting! We went to dinner at a cool restaurant that was in a cellar.  We got to see into the wine cellar with aged wines and a wine press from the 17th century!

Today we visited a castle in Brno.  We locked Tara in the dungeon and this is her peeking out! After the castle we visited a brewery and tasted the local beer! I can say I am definitely more of a wine girl!

Tomorrow we are going to a winery and on a river cruise! After that we will travel to Prague where we will be for the remainder of the trip.  Time is flying by and I will be sad when it is over! I cannot wait to see what the last week has in store!