Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We went sightseeing in Budapest and this is one of the churches.  This picture does not do the building justice and the inside was beautiful.  All of the details are so ornate and intricate.  Even the ceiling is covered with beautiful patterns.

 After sightseeing, we went on our dinner cruise on the Danube River.  This was a great way to see both sides of the city.  The building in the background is the Parliament.  Dinner was good, but the portions are so much smaller than the US! During dinner, Vish graced us with his voice and sang some songs to set the mood!

This is a picture from dinner on Tuesday night.  I must say this was some of the best food I have ever had.  Nicole and I chose the restaurant and made the reservation.  We were presently surprised by the set up at the restaurant.  It was almost like we had our own room! The center of the table slid out so that the waiters could server food to those sitting at the back of the table.  For an appetizer I tried Mussels for the first time and loved them! For dinner Nicole and I shared pizza and tortellini filled with pumpkin and served with a spinach cheese sauce.  We were at the restaurant for 2 and a half hours.....Truly a dining experience!

This is a little town we went to on our journey today.  We left Budapest for the day and saw some of the country side.  Our second stop along the way was at an old castle where we watched a medieval show and ate a traditional meal. We also saw the biggest church in Budapest.

I am having the best time.  The lack of sleep I have been getting is finally starting to catch up to me, but its worth it!  I couldn't ask for a better group of people to be traveling with either! I am glad we all get to share this experience!

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