Friday, May 25, 2012

We have arrived in Bratislava!  It is amazing how much the culture can change just three hours from the last city.

Yesterday was our last day is Budapest.  We went on a River Ride which started as a bus ride on the streets and then the bus drove into the water and turned into a boat! It was a weird concept, but very interesting.  We went to dinner as a group and went out last night.

This morning we took a three hour bus ride to Bratislava.  The city is a lot smaller than Budapest.  When we arrived we went on a tour of one of the private TV producers here.  It was a cool studio and it was interesting to see the differences between American TV and European TV.  They have similar reality TV shows like the equivalent of survivor and the bachelor.  It was also interesting to learn that when people pay for their TV service, they pay using their mobile phone.  They are too scared to use credit card and pay pal does not really exist.  This is strange coming from a society that basically depends on credit for everything!

After the visit we checked into our new hotel.  They actually had a really nice workout room and we finally got a decent workout in!  We went to dinner as a group again and then went to an Irish pub.  Tomorrow is the first day we will actually be able to sleep in until a decent hour and then we are going to a wine tasting which will be exciting! I can't believe our first week is almost over.

I will add more pictures to my next blog!!!

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